Friday, November 27, 2015

NetFlix in Germany Update

by Tom Nunamaker on December 5, 2014

We logged into NetFlix without our VPN and it worked! The selection is drastically different than the U.S. selection and sub-titles are only available for German. My wife is a native Dutch speaker so we’ve gotten used to having English sub-titles. I wish the German NetFlex would at least have them.

Interestingly, NetFlix is also in Belgium now. Since we spend about 20%-25% of our time in the Antwerp, Belgium area, it was nice to see NetFlix with Dutch sub-titles in Antwerp. Gaby really loved that.

Ideally, NetFlix should let you choose what sub-title languages you want in an account settings / profile area. Maybe some day…


Two Filing Dates are fast approaching

by Tom Nunamaker on June 11, 2014

IRS Form 4868 image
June 15th is the filing date to apply for an automatic extension for your 2013 tax return. Living outside of the U.S. only automatically extends it for 60-days. File the extension (it’s easy) by the 15th to extend it another four months to October 15th. If you owe tax, you should have paid it by April 15th or you’ll have a penalty added on.

Download the IRS Form 4868 here.

June 30th is the filing deadline for the Foreign Financial Account filing. The penalty for not filing could be up to $10,000.00 so PLEASE file this one! You only need to worry about it if the account maximum value ever exceeded $10,000.00 during the year. Don’t forget to convert to Euros so multiply your Euro value by the exchange rate (about 1.36 now). The good news is you can file electronically. I just did it and it’s pretty fast. You will need your bank account information, including the bank’s address.

File at this web site.


NetFlix is Coming To Germany

May 24, 2014

According to Michael Liedtke, AP Technology Writer, NetFlix is “pushing deeper into Europe with plans to launch its streaming video service in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria by the end of 2014.” I hope this is really good news. It is possible to access NetFlix from Germany but you have to use a proxy […]

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Heidelberg Castle: One of the most famous ruins in Germany

April 8, 2011

Image from WikiCommons When we have visitors at our home, they usually stay for a few days at least.  We like to take them to interesting places while they are here.  Castles are always a good choice.  Castles with indoor tours are a better choice in bad weather.  On those wet, cold days, a great […]

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Keukenhof: The Garden of Europe

April 6, 2011

Spring is one of our favorite times of the year.  The cold days and short nights are a fading memory as the plants come back to life.  I have allergies to pollens so the news is not all good, but Claratin is my friend in this season.  We have a great camera and a natural […]

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Burg Eltz: One of the Best Preserved Castles in Germany

April 5, 2011

Image from Wikicommons When our squadron was new, a co-worker who sat near me was in a one-person deep position.  He had several statues of medieval knights.  I believe he had three of them.  That was his staff for his staff meetings!  He really loved military history and was always finding interesting places and facts […]

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The Euro: What is it and What Do I need to Know About it?

April 4, 2011

When we first arrived in the KMC, we heard about a big grocery store just across the French border.  We didn’t know what to expect.  We heard we needed to bring French Francs with us because they didn’t take credit cards.  We had to go to the bank on base and exchange US Dollars for […]

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Porta Nigra: The Oldest Defensive Structure in Germany

April 2, 2011

Image from Wikimedia Commons My son and his wife had flown from Boston to visit us in December.  Spencer‘s wife, Amanda, had never been outside of the United States so we wanted to show her some things you just can’t see in the U.S.  There are so many things you can take a visitor to […]

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The Battle of Verdun, France

March 31, 2011

It was a day with clear skies and a light wind.  It was a perfect day for my first solo flight as a US Air Force student pilot.   The thrill of piloting a jet all alone is hard to describe.   It’s one of life’s experiences that never leave you.  There are other memorable things that […]

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Discovering Musée D’Orsay in Paris, France

March 30, 2011

My wife, Gaby, went to industrial art school in Antwerp, Belgium many years ago.  She has an art studio in our home and loves to visit museums.  Her favorite kind of museum is an art museum.   She’s always excited to go to a larger city and check out what museums that city has. We […]

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